Important Winter Bump – Event Setup Info

by Grand Strand Juniors on January 12, 2017


Winter Bump is here! SO excited. Thank all of you who are donating time to help with this great event. I have outlined a few things below so everyone knows what is going on.

Myrtle Beach = Gwen Watts 732-239-4780 or Julie Sing 843-283-7579
Spartanburg = Alex Sing 843-283-5320 or Larry Church 843-267-4242

Court Set Up Friday at Convention Center – We will not have access to all of the Convention Center until about 3pm. We ask that most wait until then to come. A small number of people are needed before 3pm so if that is your only time to come please do.

Do not pay to Park. Let the gate know you are here to help set up for volleyball tournament. Come in the doors and we will be working in the halls.

Volunteers during the event – Please be on time at your location. Contacts will help you get started and tell you what to do. It is great getting to meet teams from all over. Make them feel welcome

Court take down – We should be able to start with take down by 3pm on Monday. Teams who finished first can start first. Stay as long as you can. More helpers get it done sooner. If you finish at the Sports Center just walk over to Convention Center.

Thanks again and have a great tournament.


by Grand Strand Juniors on January 6, 2017

GSJ Families traveling this weekend,

Here is the following action plan for the Icebreaker tournament this weekend.

  • New start time will be 11am.
  • Teams will play the first pool with sets starting at 5.
  • The second round pool will start at 0.
  • The scheduled last match on Saturday will be postponed until Sunday morning.

With most of the weather conditions happening overnight this will give adequate time for any hazards to be cleared and time to reach the venue Saturday morning. Play on Saturday should be complete by 6pm.

Sunday will start at 8am and wrap up by 5pm.

Please let me know if you have any additional concerns.

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